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If you are switching to Universal credit, you must provide account details for it to be paid into.

If you don’t have a bank account or if you have difficulty opening a bank account because of a poor credit score, a credit union account is perfect for you - plus anyone living or working in East Sussex can join East Sussex Credit Union and open an account.

We do not require a credit check to open a savings account or our basic bank account called ENGAGE.

Your Universal Credit payments can be paid by the DWP directly into your Engage basic bank account which has a Visa Debit card. To open an Engage account you must first become a member of East Sussex Credit Union and have an active savings account. You only need to keep £1 in your savings account.


Engage gives you everything you need to manage your money. The card has contactless technology, a mobile app and a Money Management tool that helps you allocate your money to pay your rent and bills. It also has great rewards and cashback from certain stores.

Engage is free to use in-store and online, but there is a monthly management fee for an Engage card of £2 per month plus some other charges including using ATMs. Details of all charges can be found at


If you need help to join and to apply for an Engage card then you can visit our head office in Hove Town Hall or any of our Help Points and our staff will be happy to help you.

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