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Money & Advice Avoiding the Christmas Financial Hangover?

Research by National Debtline last Christmas, showed that more than a third of Britons borrow to pay for Christmas presents and nearly a quarter to pay for festive food. Plus nearly one in four Britons felt under pressure to overspend in the run-up to Christmas, which the charity believed would result in a 'financial hangover' for many.

If you are expecting a Christmas on credit this year or for large bills to land on your doorstep in January - take action to control your debts now. If you know you will need to borrow to cover Christmas expenses, set yourself a budget now and make a plan to pay your creditors.

 If you have a lot of credit card debts, it may be worth consolidating those debts with one single loan so you can reduce the amount of interest you are paying and improve your cash flow. This is where East Sussex Credit Union can help. We offer loans for Christmas expenses or to help consolidate debt so you can improve your financial position.

Get in touch with us today to see how we can help by calling 0300 303 3188 - or take a look at our loan calculator to see how your cash flow could improve.

If you have financial worries and need advice, please contact charity-run services such as National Debtline and Citizens Advice who can be trusted to always give you free, expert, independent advice based solely on what is in your best interests.

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