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Savings Savings Accounts

Share Accounts

Our savings accounts are called Share Accounts. Members can have up to four Share Accounts, so that you can separate your savings. For example:

Share 1 (S1)

If you have a loan with us this is held as security against the loan, so it cannot be used until your loan has been paid. Once the loan is paid, you have built up a pot of savings to be used as you wish or to help you get another loan.

Share 2 (S2)

Christmas Savings

Share 3 (S3)

That new car

Share 4 (S4)

A much-needed holiday

You can apply for a Share Account by completing the Membership Application form. Please ensure that you enclose two forms of ID and a payment of £6 to open your account when sending Membership Applications by post. If you are paying by Standing Order, or Payroll Mandate, then please complete the form and we will take the £5 membership fee from your first payment.Click to DownloadDownload Membership Application form (277.6kb)

If you would like more information about becoming a member, please download our Member Information leaflet. Click to DownloadDownload Membership info leaflet (1499.2kb)

For information on paying in & withdrawing money from your savings account click here

Young Savers Account

We also have an account specially for savers aged 16 or younger - please visit our Young Savers page to find out more.

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