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About Us Supporting the Credit Union

We offer affordable credit and easy to access savings accounts to all of our members, including people on lower incomes. If your organisation works with people facing financial difficulties then we may be able to help.

Individuals can best support us by investing their savings so we can lend this money to our members and increase our trading income. The maximum savings is currently set at £35,000.

Organisations can benefit from working with us in many ways. Here are some examples of how we have worked with employers to offer great benefits to their employees.

Brighton & Hove Bus Company

The bus company runs a very successful workplace savings scheme for their employees through their payroll. This has been of great value to a large number of their staff.

ESCU are also able to offer a major discount on annual bus passes - the cost to ESCU members for a CitySaver is £526.50 (for non members - £585, a saving of £58.50). Visit our Bus Annual Ticket page to find out more!

Lewes District Council

LDC have been supporting us and our work in the district since 2010, providing funding for a Community Advocate to raise awareness and provide local Help Points in Lewes and FREE Managing Your Money training for residents. LDC also provide a workplace scheme to their employees

Eastbourne Borough Council

EBC have been providing support for our work in the borough since 2010, via funding for a Community Advocate to raise awareness, provide local Help Points and work with partner organisations. In 2013, EBC supported the provision of Managing Your Money Training to residents.

Wealden District Council

WDC have been providing support for our work in the district for some years now, via funding for a Community Advocate to work locally and raise awareness. Again, they have funded the provision of Managing Your money training to residents.

Brighton & Hove City Council

Passing a motion of support in favour of the credit union in 2004, the City Council has offered a workplace scheme for its employees for some considerable time. Between 2004 and 2006 the council funded a volunteer training programme at the credit union and since April 2007 has provided us with annual contributions towards our core funding. This year BHCC have secured funding for the next two years to support our growth and service provision.

Eastbourne Homes

We have been working with Eastbourne Homes to encourage membership of the credit union amongst their tenants.

Around 65% of our members live in Registered Social Accommodation(RSL). If you are a landlord and would like to work with the credit union, then please get in contact - we are keen to work with as many partners as possible.

The Financial Inclusion organisation, Transact, has also published information on the benefits of RSLs supporting financial inclusion initiatives, called Click to DownloadDownload Making the Link (1507.4kb)which you might find useful.

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