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Members 10 great reasons to join us!

If you believe in #keepingitlocal then why not become a member of East Sussex Credit Union. Here are 10 great reasons for joining:

  1. Becoming a member, means you are joining one of the fastest growing community banks in the country, & joining over 5000 people in East Sussex who are already members.

  2. Your money is in an ethical savings account, so it stays in the community and is used to help your neighbours.

  3. We offer affordable, ethical loans for personal and business use.

  4. Kids get 2% interest on Young Savers accounts €“ better than most banks.

  5. Members can save 10% on an Annual Bus Ticket with Brighton & Hove Buses

  6. We offer an ethical basic bank account with pre-paid Visa Debit cards called Engage €“ no credit check required!

  7. We have Smartcash accounts for kids aged 8-16 with their own Visa debit card, and mobile app so parents can track spending!

  8. Our Engage and Smartcash accounts both offer cashback on purchases and great rewards

  9. Savings account holders can receive a dividend on their savings each year!

  10. You can get a fantastic 10% off purchases at the Lewes FC club shop

And the added bonus of membership to ESCU?


You can join East Sussex Credit Union online today by visiting

Membership has a one-off admin fee of £5 and you need only £1 to open a savings account.

If you have any questions about joining please call the ESCU team on 0300 303 3188.

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